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The Last Banner Maker Standing
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What To Do Extra Things
Much like our sister community, banner_contest, we are here to help future bannermakers. Although run much like our sister community, this community actually eliminates banners that voters find displeasing. Those who have prefect banner techniques have the chance to become the Last Banner Maker Standing.

1. No yelling, screaming, or harassment.
2. Not all banners are perfect just because you use Photoshop or GIMP.
3. You must have signed up at the beginning of the round and passed the previous weeks during that round.
4. You may only submit 1 banner.
5. Recycling banners is bad... and stupid.
6. Please make sure banners follow the specific banner sizes stated, if possible. If not, feel free to be creative with your banners.
7. You can not ask for more information about the icon. You also do not have to use all or any of the information given.
8. In the event you make a mistake, you will be notified. If you submit a banner with an error and do not fix it, your banner will be disqualified.
9. If you are resubmitting, do not delete your first submission! In the comment with your new banner, have the word "resubmission" somewhere.
10. Cheating or unfair advantages will result in disqualification and possibly ban.
11. Banners must have these items: iconmaker name, placing, week number, community they won in, and theme.
12. You must know that the people whose banners you are making, may also take the banner that they enjoy the most and use them without any credit.

Submit as so:

1. Vote for # banner(s) of lesser quality to be eliminated and # banners(s) as your favorite. The numbers will change as we get fewer people. Rank votes in order of preference.
2. You do not need to be a participant in order to vote, so please vote, even if you're not in the contest! All participants will lose 1 point if they do not vote.
3. Cheating in any way or form results in immediate ban.
4. You must leave comments for the banners you eliminate, but it is optional for your favorite(s) (it is however, highly encouraged).
5. All votes will be read by a moderator. Judge on aesthetic quality and techniques not preference. Moderators have the right to nullify your vote if they deem it unfair or unjustified. Try to vote fairly.
6. You may leave extra comments if you would like.
Vote as so (standard 3-1):
32- The colors were off and the image is oversharpened.
66- Your text does not match the icon and is hard to read.

56- The colors are very nice. The image matches and the text is perfect.

Extra comment:
62- Your banner seems a bit oversharpened. Perhaps using a light blur would help.

The results can sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. If you were eliminated, just try again next time. If you are still in the game, work harder!

If you would like your critiques for your banners, please leave a comment with the # of your banner (from the voting post) on the results post. Some critiques may be harsh and others may not. However, make sure you either get e-mails or messages from livejournal, because opinions will be screened after they are commented.

The moderators are also open to giving suggestions, opinions, and criticism. If you would like a comment from a moderator, please leave a comment on the results post. Critiques may be harsh, so make sure you are ready for them. However, make sure you either get e-mails or messages from livejournal, because opinions will be screened after they are commented.

Banners will be given to those who win people’s choice.

[Hall of Fame]
oishiionigiri (Round 1)

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*If we forget to add you it's not on purpose! We love our affiliates. Just poke us until we do!*

[Moderators & Disclaimers]
Moderators-> mmrobitussin & monochroma

Icons used in this community may be actual icons that have won contests and some that have not. If you submit an icon for us to do at this community, it's not our responsibility to choose the banner that suits your icon best. Banners, images, icons, etc. are not property of the_lbms but are credited to their respectful owners.

Artwork featured in this community is credited back to the original creators of their fandom.